700-280 ESFE Online Test-Email Security for Field Engineers

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Here, 700-280 ESFE online test offer 10 questions for practicing. 700-280 ESFE online test contain single choice and multiple choice, we have set the 10 points for each question. If answer correctly when testing, you will earn corresponding scores. More practice, higher score.

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Which ESA function maintains a set of rules that control incoming connections from remote hosts for a listener?


By default, the outgoing mail will be scanned by which one of the following?


Which of the following vendors produce Anti-Virus engines for the C-Series? (Choose two.)


During which stage in a mail flow on a Cisco Email Security Appliance does content filtering occur?


When the Cisco ESA is configured to use Centralized Message Tracking, which default port is used between the device and the Cisco Security Management Appliance?


When saving a configuration file that will be reloaded into the appliance, which one of the following must be changed before saving?


Which default port is used by the Cisco ESA to quarantine the message on the Cisco Security Management Appliance?


Which statement describes how the Cisco Email Security Appliance connects to these hosts if multiple LDAP servers are specified for a single profile?


Which of the following security features are enabled for incoming mail by default? (Choose three.)


Which two network topologies can be configured on the Cisco C170 appliance? (Choose two.)


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