648-244 DIUCUCS Online Test-Designing and Implementing Cisco Unified Communications on Unified Computing Systems

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How many pooled gigabytes of vRAM does the Cisco Unified Communications Virtualization Foundation license package support for Cisco Unified Communications virtual machines.


Starting with which Red Hat Enterprise Linux version does Large Receive Offload (LRO) not need to be disabled anymore in VMware vSphere ESXi?


For which action can the Answer File Generator XML file not be used?


Which missing component or setup stops the installation process of a Cisco Unified Communications Manager?


Which one is not a parameter to generate the License MAC?


Which CLI command is used to apply a new identity to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager publisher?


Which two applications support the New Identity feature? (Choose two.)


In a 100-user Cisco Unified Communications Manager deployment, what is the utilization of the CPU and memory during business hours in normal operation?


When monitoring a host server’s resource utilization, what is the default timeframe to refresh the data in the utilization view?


Which CLI command is used to power down a Cisco Unified Communications applications server?


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