644-906 IMTXR Online Test-Implementing and Maintaining Cisco Technologies Using IOS XR

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How many stages of switching are there on a Cisco ASR 9000 Series Router switch fabric?


In order to retrieve information from the temperature sensors on the system, what are the two commands that should be invoked? (Choose two.)


If the fpd.pie is installed but not activated and FPD Auto-Upgrade is enabled, which statement is true?


Which user privilege level is needed to create a nonowner SDR?


What is the effect of a mandatory process, if it keeps restarting?


What is the correct Cisco IOS XR CLI command to assign a cost of 20 to interface TenGigE 0/1/0/1 for Area 0?


In Cisco IOS XR Software, Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) would be configured on POS 0/0/0/0 using which commands?


What are the two minimum tasks and configurations that are required for the forwarding of multicast traffic using Source-Specific Multicast? (Choose two.)


Which of the following QoS criteria cannot be configured on a policy map that is applied in the ingress direction on a Cisco CRS-1 interface in Cisco IOS XR Software?


Which uRPF mode specifies that the source address of the packet is checked against the FIB to make sure that it is being received on the interface that is selected as the best path to this source address?


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