642-437 CVOICE Online Test-Implementing Cisco Voice Communications and QoS(CVOICE)

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Which three Cisco IOS commands are required to configure a voice gateway as a DHCP server to support a data subnet with the IP address of and a default gateway of (Choose three.)


Which four Cisco IOS commands are required to configure a DHCP server on a voice gateway to support a voice subnet so that both IP addresses and the IP address of the TFTP server are provided? The voice subnet has an address of, the default gateway is, and the TFTP server is located at (Choose four.)


The router with the IP address of needs to be configured to use the device as the clock source. Which configuration command will accomplish this task?


Which four types of ephone-dns are supported by SCCP in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express? (Choose four.)


In which situation would an administrator configure telephony services, but not configure any individual ephones?


The administrator has added a new ephone-dn and a new ephone to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express system, but the new phone will not register with the system. If other phones are operating properly, which of the following should the administrator do first to try to resolve the issue?


Which three functions are associated with MGCP? (Choose three.)


Which of the following best describes the implementation challenges that are associated with variable-length numbering plans?


Which two statements are true regarding SCCP? (Choose two.)


You are configuring a network to support voice to the PSTN. One important aspect to the configuration is to be able to determine the individual slot, subunit, and port number from the gateway endpoint identifier. Which signaling protocol is appropriate for this situation?


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