640-875 SPNGN1 Online Test-Building Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Networks, Part 1 (SPNGN1)

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Here, 640-875 SPNGN1 online test offer 10 questions for practicing. 640-875 SPNGN1 online test contain single choice and multiple choice, we have set the 10 points for each question. If answer correctly when testing, you will earn corresponding scores. More practice, higher score.

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Which mode prevents the counter track from being incremented when a security violation occurs?


You want to successfully authenticate to a neighboring router that has authentication type 2 configured for OSPF Area 0. Which two commands should you use? (Choose two.)


You are informed by your ISP that your network participated in a DDoS attack, which sent spoofed
IP packets. The ISP was able to block the packets. To prevent similar attacks, which feature
should you use?


You have a router that is configured as an NTP server. Which command should you use on the router to allow NTP queries only from hosts that are permitted in access list 10?


You need to set an SLA that pings a neighbor IP every 10 seconds with a timeout of 1000 ms.
Which set of commands should you use?


Which command can you use to reduce the amount of time that is required to flush inactive entries from the CDP table?


You install third-party monitoring software on a server that has an IP address of The monitoring software supports SNMPv1 and SNMPv2. You want to configure a router to allow SNMP access from the monitoring software by using the community string of Community1. The configuration must be as secure as possible. Which commands should you use?


If a severity 1 problem is unresolved in four hours, the problem is escalated to which person?


In a ring topology network using only Cisco Catalyst 4500 and Cisco Catalyst 6500 devices and Ethernet as Layer 2 technology, which loop prevention mechanism provides the fastest convergence time in an event of link failure?


Which are the two benefits of the star network topology over the bus network topology? (Choose two.)


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