600-455 UCCED Online Test-Designing Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCED)

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You deploy Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise on a Cisco UCS C-Series Server and Unified Contact Center Enterprise is split over WAN with a dedicated WAN circuit for United CCE private traffic. Which two statements about QoS are true? (Choose two.)


Which setup is correct when you configure Cisco UCS B-Series VICs (M81KR/12xx VICs) for Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise on Cisco UCS B-Series deployments?


Which statement about when you deploy Cisco Unified CCE on UCS B/C Tested Reference Design TRC servers where each physical CPU core is mapped 1-1 with a vCPU is true?


When you deploy Cisco Unified CCE on Cisco UCS C-Series Servers, which statement about the connectivity of the upstream switches is true?


Which option describes the impact of co-loading the Cisco Unified Outbound SIP Dialer on the same servers as the agent peripheral gateway in the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise?


A customer has a remote site with 100 agents, and the remote site only has SRST for E.911. 50% of the supervisors are located at HQ where the data center is. The agents to supervisor ratio is 10%. The customer requires that supervisors from any remote site can record and silent monitor active calls. With BW design consideration, how many minimum RTP streams are needed between the data center and agent remote sites?


Which four items are factors of bandwidth requirements for the visible network connection between the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Agent Peripheral Gateway and the call router? (Choose four.)


Which VMware feature is supported for use with Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise?


Which two statements about a Contact Center Enterprise solution in virtualized environment are true? (Choose two.)


In Cisco Finesse 10.0(x), which VM network adapter type removes the requirement to disable the LRO feature on the VM host?


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