600-212 SPLTE Online Test-Implementing Cisco Service Provider Mobility LTE Networks (SPLTE)

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Here, 600-212 SPLTE online test offer 20 questions for practicing. 600-212 SPLTE online test contain single choice and multiple choice, we have set the 5 points for each question. If answer correctly when testing, you will earn corresponding scores. More practice, higher score.

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Which configuration command enables the Cisco ASR 5000 to hold onto CDRs that are duplicates while waiting for the primary CGF to come up?


Which two statements about the Diameter message direction on the Rf interface are true? (Choose two.)


Which description of TACACS+ administrator authentication and authorization on the Cisco ASR 5000 is true?


Which three target identities can trigger Lawful Intercept on the Cisco ASR 5000 MME? (Choose three.)


Which three options are charging characteristic selection modes for S-GW/P-GW? (Choose three.)


Which statement describes what occurs with a UE in an active Voice over LTE call being handed over successfully from the 4G LTE network to the 3G network via enhanced SR-VCC technology?


Which two APN names are recommended by GSMA IR.88 / IR.92 in the Voice over LTE solution? (Choose two.)


The IP pools that are configured on the Cisco ASR 5000 are used for address allocation. AAA and DHCP have not been enabled from the PGW.
Which two parameters does the Cisco ASR 5000 PGW use to generate the subscriber ID for IP address allocation? (Choose two.)


Which GTP version is used to tunnel signaling traffic on the S4 interface in IPv6?


Which option is required on the Cisco ASR 5000 to map the S1U upstream packet to a corresponding DSCP value on the SGW?


Which statement about idle mode signaling reduction in the LTE network is true?


Which three configuration options do local-user accounts allow for on the Cisco ASR 5000? (Choose three.)


Which option describes local-user accounts on the Cisco ASR 5000?


Which capability does trace logging on the Cisco ASR 5000 enable the operator to do?


Which option describes SNMP inform requests?


Which types can be classified as bulk stats on the Cisco ASR 5000?


Which configuration option configures a TACACS+ server to be used for authentication on the Cisco ASR 5000?


Which interface is used to transfer Interception Related Information to the Delivery/Mediation Function?


Which two methods are used for Lawful Intercept provisioning? (Choose two.)


Which Cisco ASR 5000 configuration option allows you to configure Lawful Intercept on all MMEs?


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