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Here, 352-001 CCDE online test offer 10 questions for practicing. 352-001 CCDE online test contain single choice and multiple choice, we have set the 10 points for each question. If answer correctly when testing, you will earn corresponding scores. More practice, higher score.

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Which two EAP methods are supported on H-REAP AP using a local RADIUS server? (Choose two.)


You are attempting to use the Auto Provisioning feature in a Cisco WCS to apply the configuration to a new WLC.
Which options is not a valid method for identifying a WLC using the Auto Provisioning feature?


Which three of these AP working modes is able to detect rogue access points over the air rather than through the wired network? (Choose three.)


You are implementing Cisco CleanAir through the Cisco WCS without any MSE integration.
Which two types of data are you able to track through the Cisco WCS? (Choose two.)


During the installation of a Cisco WCS, you are given the option to modify the protocol ports used by the WCS.
Which two of these protocol ports can you modify? (Choose two.)


When placing APs on a map through the Cisco WCS, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)


When implementing context-aware location services on the Cisco WCS through the MSE, which two types of data or functionality are only available after adding an MSE? (Choose two.)


When adding an MSE to a Cisco WCS, you are given the option to enable HTTP.
What would be a good reason to enable HTTP communication to the MSE?


When troubleshooting wireless clients through the Client Sessions report on the Cisco WCS, which statement is correct?


You currently have one Cisco WCS server on your network and you would like to add a second WCS server for high availability.
Which one of these options is not required to configure high availability?


How can you improve location accuracy using RFID tags in RF-noisy or congested environments, such as hospitals?


How many non-overlapping channels are available for WLANs on the UNII-1 band?


Which option can you configure for inbound Call Admission Control on a Cisco Unified Wireless Network AP for video applications on a specific radio band?


What is the minimum CCX version to support WMM?


You like to troubleshoot location tracking issues on one specific RFID tag. How can this be achieved?


Location tracking and positioning systems can be classified by different techniques.
Which statement is true?


Why would a wireless voice deployment not be good enough for providing accurate context-aware services?


If you are restricted from using 5 Ghz channels that require DFS and TPC for a 7925 VoWLAN customer deployment in the United States, how many channels can you use?


Your enterprise customer is considering adding a VoWLAN service to their existing wireless deployment. The VoWLAN wireless phones have limited power and processing capabilities. The IT manager insists that, while the authentication protocol must preserve battery and processing power, it must also be secure. Assume that the wireless phones and AAA infrastructure support all the EAP methods listed within the options.
Which one of the below 802.1X EAP authentication protocols would you recommend to your customer?


Asset tags are not being detected correctly and re-verification of the correct configuration should be performed. It is also recommended that verification of correct asset tag RSSI detection and message forwarding is conducted.
Which statement is correct about the RFID tag timeout settings, as you would see in a show advanced location summary on a Cisco WLC?


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