300-460 CLDINF Online Test-Implementing and Troubleshooting the Cisco Cloud Infrastructure

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Which option lists the number of segments that are supported by VxLAN as standardized in RFC7348 and the number of bytes of overhead that are added to the original frame?


A Cisco UCSM administrator has been tasked with deploying a new data center. Which two recommendations aid in the ability to associate a service with a server? (Choose two.)


Where does performance tuning of high CPU utilization take place in Cisco UCS?


A Cisco UCS Director administrator is viewing the status of his pod on the Virtual > Compute tab. Which three tabs are available under this menu& (Choose three.)


Which three statements about server pools are true? (Choose three.)


An administrator is troubleshooting basic connectivity between two Fibre Channel points that include node hops and latency data. Which tool is the best for troubleshooting this scenario?


A Cisco UCS Director administrator is installing a Bare Metal Agent and is in the process of adding an NFS mount point. Which Administration menu option does the administrator choose to add an NFS mount point?


Which configuration provides the highest performance level to Virtual Extensible LAN?


Which four options are required on a DCHP server to enable PXE boot? (Choose four.)


In which two ways can a cloud administrator dynamically increase a VMFS datastore? (Choose two.)


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