300-080 CTCOLLAB Online Test-Troubleshooting Cisco IP Telephony & Video v1.0

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Phone A is able to dial the directory number of Phone B and complete a call. However, when Phone B dials the directory number of Phone A, Phone B receives a fast-busy tone. What is causing this issue?


An inbound call from the PSTN is not reaching the directory number that it is calling. When the PSTN phone calls the correct DID, only a dial tone is heard. Which command resolves this issue?


When a caller dials 9 plus an external seven-digit number, the caller hears a fast-busy tone after a period of silence. What is causing the silence?


In a single-site deployment model, the internal endpoints are unable to dial from one to the other. What are two possible causes? (Choose two.)


What is the default interval for SAF hello packets?


Which configuration can be dynamically set using the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Device Mobility feature?


Which configuration is required on Cisco TelePresence Server, in order to support 1080p resolution?


A user is dialing an external PSTN number with a prefix of 01 from a Cisco TelePresence SX10 Quick Set in a Cisco VCS environment. In the past, the Cisco VCS and the ISDN gateway were correctly configured with a prefix of 01, but the calls are now failing. What are three possible causes? (Choose three.)


Endpoint A is registered to Cisco Unified Communications Manager as S1@company.com. It is trying to call Endpoint B, which is registered to the same company’s Cisco VCS Control with an H.323 ID of S2.internal@company.com. The route pattern is set to “*.*” and is pointed to a SIP trunk to the Cisco VCS Control. The search rule for (.*).internal@company.com is set to search the local zone. The call does not work. What is a possible reason?


When the command utils dbreplication status is executed on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager CLI, which step should be taken next to check the database replication status?


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