300-070 CIPTV1 Online Test-Implementing Cisco IP Telephony & Video, Part 1 v1.0

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Here, 300-070 CIPTV1 online test offer 10 questions for practicing. 300-070 CIPTV1 online test contain single choice and multiple choice, we have set the 10 points for each question. If answer correctly when testing, you will earn corresponding scores. More practice, higher score.

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Which tool can you use to evaluate dial plans for errors and to examine internal-to-internal and internal-to-external calls?


Which three options can be used to configure digit manipulation for dial peers? (Choose three.)


Which three options are valid digit discard instructions?


To verify that proper digit manipulation is being applied when using called party transformation patterns, which Cisco IOS command do you use from the router or voice gateway?


Where do you configure the region for a group of devices?


Which three CLI commands allow you to verify the correct VoIP dial-peer matching? (Choose three.)


Which codec provides native WebRTC-based video chat support in browsers such as Mozilla Firefox?


A voice engineer is troubleshooting an issue that involves incoming calls to POTS lines.
Which command verifies the digits that are received by voice-port?


Which three options are components of Media Resources Architecture? (Choose three)


When dialing 1234, which rule is matched first?


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